It’s like Netflix for Books!


Posted on : 31-03-2011 | By : Trish | In : Daily Deals

I absolutely love to read! I can read a 400 page book in a couple of hours and love every single minute of it! I could live at the bookstore!

We don’t have a public library where I live…I know, I know. It’s horrific, but true. Well, and we actually do. It’s a musty old room in the basement of the old courthouse with a handful of ancient books. It’s not open very much. I’ve been there once and I swear it smelled like urine.

Well, now I can get new books like I get new movies! I love Netflix, and I even got a free trial membership to Gamefly so my son could play the new Lego Star Wars video game. I was sooo excited to come across this site! Just rent your books! Paper & audio! Free Shipping both ways, no due date. I love it!

Check it out!



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