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I decided to spend some money on me this year and bought myself a Keurig. I absolutely love it! What I don’t love is the cost. I stocked up on K-Cups at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (with my 20% off coupon, of course!) when I got the machine, but I didn’t care for several of the varieties I ended up with. I sold the ones I didn’t like on ebay, then used that money to stock up again. Now, I’m out. I have nothing left to sell and I find it really hard to justify the cost. I have the My K-Cup accessory, but for some reason, it makes my regular coffee taste pretty bad. So, I’ve been researching the best prices on K-Cups. Here’s what I’ve found…

  • Amazon is the winner! There are, of course, different prices depending on the variety. For the most part, you can get a pack of 50 K-Cups for $27.75 with FREE shipping which makes it about $0.55 per cup. The best deal I found is for Timothy’s Breakfast Blend (Timothy’s is my favorite so far), 48 K-Cups for $23.70 which makes them $0.49 each. The catch here is that the FREE shipping is for orders over $25, so you’ll have to add another $1.30 to your order. Check out the Amazon deals here:
  • Amazon K-Cups

  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters comes in second if you sign up for Cafe Express service. When you sign up for Cafe Express, they will ship your order automatically every month or so. A box of 24 K-Cups is only $12.95 right now, which makes it $0.53 per cup. But, in order to get FREE shipping, you’ll have to order 4 boxes. The regular price on this site is $13.95, so I don’t know how long this sale will last.
  • offers the same prices as Green Mountain, but you also have to join the club to get the price. You can cancel anytime, though. To get FREE shipping here, you have to spend $75. Ouch! If your order is less than $75, you’ll be paying at least $7.95 shipping. The one amazing thing I did find is a fabulous special on Timothy’s Donut Blend. Right now it’s only $10.45 for a box of 24 and that’s without the club membership! If you join the club, it’s only $8.78 per box! That comes out to $0.43 per cup at regular price or about $0.37 a cup with the club membership. And, if you’re wondering…it’s delicious! Smooth, flavorful blend at this price? Who wants to go in with me so we get free shipping? 😉 I don’t see anything saying when this deal ends, so jump on it if you’re interested.
  • Wal-Mart has K-cups as low as $0.55 each, but for the most part, they’re about $0.61 a cup. They have Sumatran Reserve priced at $19.90 for 36 K-cups (18 count, 2 pack). Most of the other varieties are $21.96 for the same quantity. They also offer FREE shipping! They have a small selection in store with an average price of $10.99 for 18 ($0.61/ea).
  • Target has a pretty decent deal, but they only sell K-Cups in 108 count size online. You can get Caribou Blend for $59.99 right now, which comes to $0.56 a cup. All other varieties are $65.99, or $0.61 each. Target does offer FREE shipping on all orders over $50, so you’ll get that! You also save 5% when you use your Red Card. Check it out here:
  • Save 5% When Using Your Target REDcard

  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond almost always has coupons floating around! Sign up for emails from them and you should get a coupon for 20% off either one item or your entire purchase in-store. They have the biggest selection I’ve seen in-store for K-Cups, too. Right now, they have K-cups for $10.99 for a box of 18. This makes them about $0.61 each. Right now they also have FREE shipping on K-Cups, so now would be the time to order if you’re doing it from BB&B.
  • is where I have bought K-cups in the past. When you register your brewer, they email you a coupon code giving you 2 free boxes when you buy 2. Man, I wish I had another of those codes! The regular deal on is $13.90 per box of 24 with FREE shipping on orders over $45. You do get points for every dollar you spend there, and you can use your points to get discounts on brewers and accessories. K-Cups come out to about $0.63 each here.

There are other places to get K-Cups, but they’re all about the same. Kohl’s is the most expensive right now coming in at a whopping $0.72 per cup, but they do have sales often and you can almost always find coupons for Kohl’s! JC Penney’s prices are about the same as Target, $59.99 for 108 K-Cups with FREE shipping to the store or $10.99 for a box of 18. has decent prices, but still not better than Amazon.  If you find K-Cups at a great price, please leave a comment or Contact Me! I am always searching for deals on K-Cups!


 Thanks for the heads up from Melissa V. on facebook, you can enter the Perfect K-Cup Sweepstakes for a chance to win K-Cups for life, a new Keurig brewer, or a sample pack! And, if you enter through “I buy my K-Cups at the store,” you can also print a coupon for $1/2 K-Cup 12 packs!


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