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Posted on : 25-06-2011 | By : Trish | In : Daily Deals, Free Stuff

If you’ve followed My Rubber Money at all, you know how much I love FREE stuff! I get excited over a half ounce of shampoo as long as it’s free. But what about better free stuff? I’m talking electronics, housewares, books, movies, toys, and top brand-name clothes & accessories.

You can get fabulous freebies like this from a couple of places. There is My Coke Rewards, where you enter codes found on Coca Cola products for points, then trade those points in for FREE stuff. Magazine subscriptions, theme park tickets (Dollywood, Six Flags, Whitewater, & Splash Country!), video games, bowls, cookware, grills, and so much more. Even if you’re not a Coke drinker, ask friends and family to save their caps and other codes for you. You can enter 120 points per week, that’s 40 caps or 12 fridge pack codes. Magazine subscriptions start at about 130 points, so you’ll be able to get that in 8 days! No shipping costs, no fees, just completely FREE stuff!

My next favorite site to earn fabulous FREE stuff is Club Bing. For this one, you have to play games to earn tickets, then trade those tickets in for the freebies. One of their top prizes? A Dell Netbook. Yes, completely free, no fees, no shipping. Just tickets. The problem with this one is that each game awards 15-25 tickets, while the best prizes are over 1,000 tickets. You’ll put in quite a bit of time, but it’s fun and worth it. The prizes below 1,000 are pretty good, too, but I’m working toward the bigger ones! I think I have about 8,000 tickets at the moment, but I’ve been saving them for a few months. I only play on double ticket days now. It happens a couple of Thursdays a month or so.  Then the games are worth 30-50 points each!

As much as I love Club Bing, I had to sign up for Bing Rewards.  I don’t know much about this one yet, but you get 250 points just for signing up & this one is easier. Just use Bing for your internet searches to earn points! Then, trade those points in for great prizes! Again, I’m new at this one, so I’m not sure what all is available, but if it’s anything like Club Bing, it must be awesome!

Check them out!

Do you have a favorite site to earn prizes? Leave a comment to let others know!


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