July is over. Print your coupons tonight!


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Whew, this month has flown by so fast, I almost forgot to print my coupons!

Printable coupons are used more often than others. Why? Because they’re awesome, that’s why! There are so many of them available and you can choose the ones you’ll actually use.  If you have a cooperative printer (unlike me), you should always print your coupons in black & white or grayscale. I love my Kodak all-in-one, but it won’t print anything at all if one of the cartridges is empty.

So, why print now? Most of the major coupon sites reset their coupons at the beginning of every month. So, a coupon that you see tonight might not be there in the morning. On the other hand, if you’ve already hit your print limit (2) of a coupon that you love, there’s a chance that it will be available again tomorrow! There will also be lots of brand-spankin-new ones to take advantage of!

Here are the links for printable and e-coupons:



Coupon Network


SmartSource Printable Coupons

And my new favorite “coupon” site….SavingStar! You won’t save money at the grocery store. You choose the “coupons” you want, load them directly to your store card, purchase the item, and the amount of the “coupon” goes into your SavingStar account! I’m saving my savings for Christmas this year! I can’t wait to see how much I save!



Remember, most coupons will reset at midnight tonight. Print (or load) the ones you may use now, then come back in the morning to see what’s new!





Fabulous new Proactiv deal with extra FREEBIES!


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Proactiv has a new fabulous deal right now! Get a 30 day supply of the 3 step Proactiv system, FREE Deep Cleansing Wash, FREE travel-sized Green Tea Moisture (which I absolutely love!), and FREE shipping, all for $19.95!!!

If you’ve thought about trying Proactiv, now is the perfect time! If you’re already a regular user, get this kit for travel! I have a tween starting middle school in less than 2 weeks. He’ll be starting middle school with this kit! For $20, you can’t go wrong!



FREE Sample Pack from Depend


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Do you know someone who needs bladder protection? An older child who wets the bed? An organization who caters to the elderly or disabled? Is your astronaut lover cheating on you? Perhaps a friend is about to turn 40 or 50.

Whether it’s a necessity, a donation, or a gag gift for a milestone birthday, this is a pretty awesome sample pack! Sign up for your FREE sample pack from Depend!


MyCokeRewards Wednesday Deal: 50 FREE 4×6 prints!


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I love rewards programs, and MyCokeRewards happens to be one of my favorites. My favorite day to be a member is Wednesday! They mark down an item in the rewards catalog every week!

This week’s deal is 50 4×6 prints from Snapfish for only 6 points! Yep, I said 6 (six) points! I haven’t ordered a free snapfish product through MCR yet, so I don’t know how much tax & shipping are, but here’s what Coke has to say about the deal….

Save a moment. Capture the action. Get in on the

Wednesday is the best day for deals like this. Here’s a chance
to save a whopping 88% on digital prints from Snapfish. Get in on the deal now,
while supplies last. It’s your chance to finally turn digital photos to prints
to share with friends, put on the fridge or create a scrapbook. Receive fifty
(50) high quality prints of your choice from Snapfish®. Archival-quality inks
and photo paper that last over 200 years, industry-leading photo enhancement
tools, choose matte or glossy finish. Make lots of copies of a few images or one
print of fifty favorites. The choice is yours. Now snap to it.


Limit of one (1) redemption per member. Limited quantities available.

The 50 4 x 6 print offer
is for My Coke Rewards members only and is only available by mail order. Credit
Card is required. Snapfish reserves the right to de-activate coupon codes if
fraud is suspected. Snapfish coupon code can be used through December 31, 2011.
Unique pin code is valid for one time use. Limit of one (1) redemption per
member. Offer is for US customers only. Tax, shipping and handling are not

Limited quantities available. 50 Snapfish prints offer for 6
points valid only 7/27/11


FREE Prescription glasses from CoastalContacts.com 7/27


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It’s time for the FREE Prescription (or fashion) glasses giveaway again! Coastal Contacts has made it a regular thing to give away thousands of pairs of glasses. The frames and standard lenses are FREE, but you do have to pay for any upgrades (thin lenses, tinting, bifocals, etc.) and shipping. The shipping and insurance for my son’s new specs, which he loves, by the way, was about $15. The giveaway starts at 9am (EST) tomorrow (7/27).

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get your prescription information and PD measurement from your optometrist or the last place you bought glasses. If you don’t have this information, enter all zeroes in the prescription fields, complete your order, then call customer service and ask them to hold your order until you can get the info.
  2. Like CoastalContacts.com on facebook.
  3. Click on the FREE Glasses tab to get the code. (Okay, I’m cheating. The coupon code is FREEGLASSES727)
  4. Go to CoastalContacts.com and choose your frames. Frames marked “coupons not applicable” are NOT included, but there are thousands of frames (including designer) to choose from. Be sure to pick out a couple of frames in case your first choice sells out fast.
  5. Load everything in your cart, entering your prescription, payment, and shipping info, then type the coupon code (FREEGLASSES727) into that box.
  6. Starting about 8:50 am, keep hitting submit until it goes through. The site may get super slow if you wait until 9:00. If you get in on it late, you may need to have a couple of backup choices because some styles sell out quickly.

If you don’t actually need prescription glasses, but want a pair to spice up an outfit, you can enter zeroes in the prescription fields to get clear lenses.  Remember, this giveaway is for first time participants and there is a limit of ONE per household. Even if you ship to another address, they will apparently cancel your order.

I got a pair for my son that came with clip on tinted lenses and he loves them. I’ve had several friends and family members take advantage of this offer and they are all happy with their glasses. My aunt didn’t like hers when she got them, and they exchanged them with no problem! They have excellent customer service!


Over $100 in FREE stuff!


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As I walked onto my porch today, I saw one of those big plastic totes with “US Postal Service” stamped on it. I looked inside and saw several packages! If you’ve kept up with me at all, you know how much I love free stuff, so you know I was excited.

Here’s what I got today:

  • A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard from Amazon: I paid with my gift card balance that I’ve accumulated from CrowdTap, SwagBucks, and advertising revenue from Amazon. I’m an Amazon student member, so I got FREE 2-day shipping (but, it was backordered, so it took about a week).
  • Hanes Socks: from their facebook page (I didn’t even know I won!)
  • Honey Nut Cheerios with a .75 coupon
  • Barista Prima K-Cup sample pack (with 4 varieties!): facebook
  • Crest Pro-Health toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss with 4 $1 coupons: Wal-Mart
  • A $40 Visa card from Mayfield’s Refuel for Free Fuel Sweepstakes: facebook
  • Olay Regenerist gift pack with 2 FULL-SIZED products from a sweepstakes on, what else, facebook!

The Olay gift pack is worth $50, the Visa card is $40, the book was about $14 on Amazon….that’s already over $100 worth and I paid nothing!

All of the above showed up today. But, it gets better…..last week, I got a brand spankin new Special Edition Keurig brewer! That’s the $150 one.  I’m a fan of Brew Over Ice on facebook and I interact on their page sometimes (post on the wall, ask questions, answer questions, etc).  A couple of weeks ago, I had a message on facebook from them asking if I would be interested in hosting a Brew Over Ice house party. Of course I said I would, so they said they would be sending me the brewer along with 5 tumblers and 5 K-cup sample packs. All I have to do is invite 4 friends over & share the product with them.  It seemed too good to be true, but you never know, right? And all I had to give them was my mailing address. I haven’t received the tumblers or sample packs yet, but the brewer came with a 24 pack of assorted coffees and teas from Green Mountain Coffee.  That freebie was just because I’m an active facebook fan!

If you’re not on facebook, please sign up today.  Not only can you keep in touch with family and friends, but the amount of free stuff and fabulous coupons is unbelievable. If you’re not a fan of My Rubber Money on facebook, be sure to “Like” us today to keep up with all the best freebies and deals!

Oh, and I didn’t get it yet, but I was also notified today that I have been accepted into the Old Navy Jeans sample and share opportunity on CrowdTap! That means I get a FREE pair of jeans and so does a friend!

Here are some important links:

Earn cash for yourself and your favorite charity and get the opportunity to sample products from top comanies!


Like My Rubber Money on facebook to keep up with freebies and deals.
Join Swagbucks to earn giftcards and other great rewards just for using their search bar!
I’m not a member anymore, but you can earn great rewards from NCP for scanning the items you buy!

Join Amazon Mom (or Amazon student) for FREE to get Amazon Prime benefits (like FREE 2-day shipping!).  I love Amazon & am always earning giftcards from Crowdtap & Swagbucks!
Amazon Mom: FREE 2-day shipping


I would LOVE to hear about your recent freebies! Share a picture on my facebook wall, or leave a comment and tell us all about it! I’m still in shock over my Keurig brewer! 😉




Amazon: 900 books under $4


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WooHoo! The Big Deal on Amazon has me super excited! Right now, you can choose from 900 Kindle books on sale for $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, or $3.99! This deal is only good through July 27th, so get in on it while it lasts.

These are not 200 year old books that have lost their copyright, either. New books, fiction, non-fiction, whatever. There are almost 1,000 of them for less than $4 each!

Don’t have a Kindle yet? Me either! I do have an android phone, though, and can read Kindle books on it. You can also download them to your computer!

Check it out here: The Big Deal on Amazon


Amazon Student: One full year of FREE 2-day shipping!


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I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime a while back and loved it! I use Amazon for several things (K-cups, books, video games, school supplies, clothes, even food), and getting FREE 2-day shipping was awesome! I wasn’t able to continue with Prime after the free trial due to the $79 a year price tag.

Now, I’ve found a way to get it back for a year for free! If you have an email address ending in .edu, you qualify for Amazon Student. When you sign up, you’ll get lots of benefits, but my favorite is the FREE 2-day shipping for a year. After the 1st year, you can still get 50% off an Amazon Prime membership for up to 4 years.  So, for my UTC friends, the change over to the mocs.utc.edu address makes you eligible even if you’re not actually still there since we get to keep the email address now.

Check it out and sign up here:

Amazon Student: FREE 2 day shipping



Benton, TN – Who wants coupon matchups for IGA?


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I started working on the Dollar General deals and matchups yesterday (should finish after work tonight), and wondered how many locals would use coupon matchups.  I have done the deals and matchups for the Benton IGA in the past, but wasn’t sure if anyone other than me was actually using them.  I know most local couponers would rather shop at Bi-Lo or Publix, but there really are some deals to be had at the IGA (not a lot, and if you don’t watch the checkout or check your receipt, the overcharges from other items might cancel out any savings you have).

I will do Dollar General & Family Dollar deals and matchups anyway as those are national chains and will work for anyone, but I would like to know how many people are interested in IGA matchups before I actually do those. So, who’s in? If you would like to see coupon matchups for IGA, please leave a comment here or “like” this post on facebook.


It’s Black Friday in July at Target! Online only, Today only!


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It’s here! Time for Target’s Black Friday in July sale! Today ONLY, Online ONLY!

Check it out here: