SavingStar: My favorite new “coupon” site! Get paid to shop!


Posted on : 08-07-2011 | By : Trish | In : Coupon Matchups, Daily Deals, Free Stuff

Have you signed up for SavingStar yet? It’s a fabulous concept, and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna make Christmas much easier this year! SavingStar has “coupons” that you link directly to your store loyalty card.  Right now, you can save $1.00 on a Skinny Cow multipack, $2.00 on Aleve, $1.00 on Digiorno, and much more. Notice I didn’t say $1.00 OFF. You choose the “coupon” you want, and it goes directly to your store card. When you purchase that product, you won’t actually save money at the store. The price of the product won’t change at all. BUT, the amount of the coupon will be deposited into your SavingStar account! After you’ve saved $5.00, you can cash out. Get Paypal cash, direct deposit to your bank account, an Amazon giftcard, or donate your savings to charity!  It does take 7 to 30 days for the money to show up in your account, but it does work! I signed up about 6 weeks ago and finally got a deposit this week! WooHoo! I’m loving this! My plan is to leave the money in there until Halloween (my son’s birthday) or Christmas! It’s like getting paid to shop!



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