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Posted on : 09-07-2011 | By : Trish | In : Daily Deals, Free Stuff

I love Netflix. It sure beats paying for premium movie channels! And now, I’m loving GameFly! My son loves video games, but I don’t like paying for them.  He always wants the newest games, which come with a $60 price tag (for Xbox, anyway).  The closest rental store is 20 miles from here, and I don’t have a membership.  But, then he “beats the game” within 2 days and never picks it up again. It drives me crazy! 

I started my FREE trial to GameFly, picked out a brand spankin new game (it was just released this week), and got it within 2 days! He played it, beat it, we sent it back, and now we have the second game on his list already! I just dropped the last one in the mail on Thursday. Seriously.  I thought I would just use the trial period for the first game. He really, really wanted it & I just can’t afford a new video game right now. Now, I think we may sign up. GameFly rocks!  Click the button below to start your FREE trial. It really is totally free & totally worth it! They even have Kinect games…I wish I had tried the Michael Jackson game here before I wasted my money on it!



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