Let’s go to the Drive-In!


Posted on : 12-07-2011 | By : Trish | In : Activities and Entertainment, Daily Deals

On Saturday, my son & I were watching TV when one of those nostalgia-filled commercials came on. It just had a flash of a drive-in theatre, but it was enough. He said, “Man, I’d love to go to one of those old outdoor theatres!”  It hit me then that he had never been. We have a fabulous one about 20 miles from our driveway and I had never taken him to see a movie there.

I did a search on facebook, and there it was, The Swingin Midway Drive In, along with the movie listings and opening time. What a gem. I can’t believe I had forgotten about this fabulous piece of my childhood! And still so cheap! Adults, $6  and Kids for $4. If you go on Sunday, it’s still just $10 a carload! They always show the kid friendly flicks first, then something for the parents after. This weekend was Green Lantern and Bridesmaids.

We packed up the cooler, a couple of pillows and lawnchairs, and got there just as the previews were starting. There is no set time, just dusk. The speakers that hang on the car are gone, now you tune your radio to a certain station. The snack bar looks exactly the same (and you have to visit the snack bar!).  There were still teenagers parked in the back row probably not even seeing the movie. We loved it. Such a cheap date, but a great one. We didn’t stay for Bridesmaids, but thoroughly enjoyed Green Lantern (even though we had already seen it at the expensive air conditioned theatre).

These little gems are disappearing, but if you have one close by, you have to rediscover it! Check out this site to locate the one closest to you: Drive-ins


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