Hide veggies from picky eaters.


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My son won’t eat anything green. As a matter of fact, the only vegetables he willingly ¬†consumes are corn and uncooked carrots. The only fruits he likes are apples and bananas. Needless to say, it’s pretty difficult to get him the nutrients he needs. I’m not sure what happened. I could eat brussels sprouts every day, and he loved every veggie he came in contact with as a toddler….okay, he’s always hated potatoes, but other than that he loved them. My, how things changed!

Now, what he’s willing to eat and what he actually eats are completely different things. If he knew, for example, that he just finished eating a half cup of black beans, he would most likely be disgusted. Black beans are high in magnesium & fiber and are a good source of protein, so I try to sneak them in a couple of times a week.

How do I pull it off? With my trusty little blender, of course! I bought a cheap personal blender last year so that I could have my smoothies for breakfast without having to wash the big blender. I’m not a big breakfast eater, so I like to throw some fruit, yogurt, & juice in my little blender and hit the road. When I first started hiding veggies from my little man, I used baby food. I would buy jars of green beans, broccoli, etc., and mix it into his pasta sauce. Then, one day I was having a salad with my dinner and had lots of baby spinach left over. I threw about a cup of raw baby spinach into my little blender with a cup of pasta sauce. It turned out a lot greener than he had been getting, but he said it tasted the same. I told him it was green because the sauce was made with green tomatoes. From there I branched out & started putting beans in the blender to mix with the meat in our burgers & lasagna. If it grows, I can blend it! Now he eats veggies all the time without complaining. He actually thinks pasta tastes weird if it doesn’t have veggies hidden in it!

Here’s the blender I use. It works like a dream, has lasted more than a year (and still going strong), and is only $12! It makes fabulous smoothies and is perfect for homemade baby food! I love this thing!

If you prefer a different¬†version, here’s a link to tons of others:
Personal Blenders on Amazon




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