Coupon Thief goes to JAIL!


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I really hate it when coupons are missing from my newspaper. I only buy the paper on Sunday and only for the coupons and sales flyers, so when I don’t get what I paid for, it tends to make my blood boil.¬†Another thing that makes me angry is a thief. If you didn’t earn it, if you didn’t buy it, if it’s not yours, you have no right to it. Leave it alone. If you want something bad enough, you should work for it, not take it from someone who did.

Well, one young woman in Athens, TN might think twice before she decides to steal coupons again! Here’s the story from WDEF Channel 12 out of Chattanooga, TN:

Coupon Clipping Thief Charged

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Athens police say they caught a coupon clipper stealing newspapers, and according to investigators it has been going on for quite some time.


The term “quite the steal” takes on a whole new meaning when you are talking about coupons and Christina Soward, 23.

Heith Willis, with the Athens Police Department, says, “The business, the Dollar Tree was getting a lot of complaints, so they decided to stake it out. With help from the patrol guys, they watched Soward come up and sure enough steal the papers.”

For the last few weeks, employees witnessed an unusual routine.

Newspapers would be dropped off, usually before sunrise, and Soward would swipe them up, drive a couple blocks down the road, and clip the coupons that were inside.

When she was done, she claims the coupon-less paper would then go back where she found it.

Willis adds, “She tells us she was going to bring the papers back, and she didn’t think it was illegal to do this.”

Stealing coupons out of newspapers is, needless to say, a hot trend  in Athens, police say it is hotter than the deals inside.

And they credit popular tv shows like Extreme Couponing on TLC.

Pat Mantooth makes a living out of delivering newspapers and fears the economy is making more of these super savers, steal.

Pat says, “If you don’t pay for what you got, it’s stealing. My mama taught me that.”

John Mantooth, Pat’s husband, adds, “It makes me sad to think we live in a day like that.”

Soward is now charged with three counts of theft for her latest 90 newspaper stealing spree, and ironically she made the front page of a local newspaper for it.


Police say Soward will likely pay more money in court fees and fines than she saved by clipping coupons.

One of the businesses she stole from is willing to prosecute.


This story makes me do the happy dance! Leave my coupons alone!






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