Smokers: Have you tried e-cigs? Blu Review!


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I started smoking when I was a teenager because I somehow thought it was cool. I have continued to smoke for 20 years because smoking is addictive. If I could go back and slap that first cigarette out of my 15 year old hand, I assure you I would. I’ve tried to quit, but just can’t seem to do it. I hate smoking. I hate the smell, the cough, the example I’m setting, and I really really hate the cost! When I buy a pack of cigarettes, it’s like I’m taking a $5 bill and setting it on fire.

I am a teacher and a parent. Kids look up to me. I don’t ever want a child to see me with a cigarette and think it’s a good thing. I try to sneak around & hide it and I always have a stash of gum to cover my stinky breath along with wet wipes to wash my hands. Still, I can’t put the cigarettes down. I’ve tried the patch, I’ve tried the gum… none of it worked for me.

Well, let me tell you… I have found my new cigarette! I had heard of e-cigarettes and they sounded like a good idea, but I just didn’t want to take that step and actually spend the money on something I wasn’t sure I would like. So, I did my research.An e-cigarette is the size and shape of a regular cigarette. It is basically a vaporizer for nicotine. I must’ve read dozens of reviews on dozens of e-cigarettes. While a couple of them sounded better than Blu in the reviews, they were just too expensive. Here’s why I ordered a blu e-cig:

  • It’s cheap. For $69.95, you get 2 batteries (the part that lights up), a really cool pack that holds your e-cig and 5 extra cartridges, 2 chargers: the pack is a portable charger and you also get a usb charger, and a 5 pack of cartridges (your choice of flavor & strength).
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee! If it’s not for you, just send it back & get a refund!
  • FREE shipping. I actually only paid $69.95 total!
  • The “smoke juice” is Made in the USA! I wish the entire thing was made here, but at least the refills are!
  • Refills are cheap. If you order 4 or more refill packs, they are only $9.60 per pack. A refill pack consists of 5 cartridges. Each cartridge is about the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes. Again, FREE shipping. That comes to $1.90 per “pack” of cigarettes.

When comparing e-cigarettes, blu definitely has the best value. The starter kit comes with soooo many extras! I absolutely love the charger pack and the extra battery. They definitely come in handy! The money back guarantee was what really sold me on this one. It’s kind of like a free sample that you have to rent for a while 😉

I’ve had my blu for about 3 weeks and I’m thrilled with it. I bought the “classic tobacco” in light and full flavor (which really has to do with the amount of nicotine in the cartridge). The flavor reminds me of coffee or chocolate. There is no smell, no ashes, no tar, no looking for a place to hide. You can “smoke” blu anywhere. You’re exhaling water vapor and it doesn’t linger in the air.

I continued to smoke regular cigarettes for the first week, but only about 2 to 4 per day (you know, that after meal smoke). Now when I smoke a real cigarette, the smell and taste are overwhelming. I can’t even make it through half of one. Yippee!!! I’m not nicotine free, but I’m basically smoke free. It’s cheaper, cleaner, and I get the same satisfaction.

If you’ve been thinking about it, you can’t go wrong with blu. It’s a great value and if you don’t like it, just get your money back! If you’ve used an e-cigarette, I would love to know what you think!



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