Want to win a billion dollars?


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Who wouldn’t want to win $1,000,000,000? It’s not likely to happen, but you know what I always say… You can’t win if you don’t play! So, if you’re feeling lucky, head on over to the Quicken Loans Billion $ Bracket Challenge and register now! Only the first 15,000,000 people to register will have a shot, so if you want a chance, better get your name in the hat now. If you are able to pick a perfect bracket, you will win $1,000,000,000! The odds of winning the billion dollar grand prize are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 which is so astronomical, I can’t even say it in words. However, the twenty entrants with the most points will win $100,000 each.

I don’t even watch basketball, but I’m going for it! YOU CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T PLAY!



Just a note, you do have to sign up for a yahoo account if you don’t already have one.  I don’t really like that part, but it’s not like you have to use it. Also, please throw a little my way if you win! 🙂

Be sure to head over to the Win Big page to try your luck at over 100 daily entry sweepstakes, instant win games and contests for a chance to win other great prizes! Your chances are definitely better with the ones on that list!


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