Cancel Your “FREE” Magazines from Books-A-Million


Posted on : 11-04-2015 | By : Trish | In : Daily Deals
Cancel Fast & Easy!

Cancel your “Free” magazine subscriptions from Books-A-Million, Fast & Easy!


So, you were in a hurry at the BAM checkout and chose your 3 free magazines. Maybe the cashier told you how to cancel, maybe he didn’t.  Sometime later you look at your bank account and see a charge for $66, or $56, or $17.50, or worse. A week later there’s another, then another.  You forgot all about it and now you’ve misplaced that little brochure with the tiny print that tells you how to cancel.  Or, maybe it’s just me…

I searched entirely too long for the solution. I found lots of complaints, but the number was nearly impossible to find. So, here is the fastest and easiest way to cancel and get your money back. To speak to a human who, in my experience, won’t try to convince you to keep the magazines coming, call 1-877-373-6866. You just need to give them your name and address and they’ll take care of the rest! There are other numbers, but they all seem to lead to an impossible to navigate automated system.

Lesson learned!