Summer Road Trip Essentials – FREE Audio Books!


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There’s nothing like a summer road trip… the adventure, the togetherness, the whole experience is unlike any other activity. Sometimes it’s the disastrous moments that make the best memories. I love that we can get away without breaking the bank. I love to plan out a route with lots of fun and free activities!

Get ready for this year’s action packed adventure by signing up for a FREE 30 day trial of Audible on Amazon and get 2 FREE books! One for the way there and another for the way back! Introduce your family to your favorite author or listen to a family favorite. If you don’t love the service or it’s not something you think you’ll use regularly, it’s super easy to cancel. No hassle, no questions asked, no charge!

Sign up today and get ready to ride!



ipsy: Because you deserve it!


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Subscription boxes are everywhere.  Fitness gear, dog food, underwear, makeup and more… if you’re into it, there’s likely a subscription box for it.  I have successfully ignored the trend for years because if I’m going to spend money, it will be for gas, groceries, bills, or to benefit someone else.  I just don’t spend money on myself other than an occasional trip to the book section at Goodwill.  I know I’m not alone here, mommies. Back me up.  We buy ourselves something, we inevitably feel guilty.  It’s time to change that, but just a little.

Ipsy offers a Glam Bag with 5 items for $10 a month.  That’s a cute bag (different designer and theme each month) and 5 deluxe samples chosen just for you for about what you’d pay for one drive thru meal.  The products are really good, too.  This ain’t no drug store bag.  We’re talking luxury brands, the expensive stuff, and there are discounts if you want to buy the full sized version!

You will fill out a short questionnaire when you join so that they can send you things that you’ll like.  You should also review your items (honestly) after you receive your bag to help them really get to know your preferences.  It doesn’t take long for your Glam Bag to be so perfect for you that it could’ve been chosen by your BFF.

I love getting my Glam Bag in the mail each month and trying out the products.  I’ve even found some must haves that I didn’t even know existed before ipsy.  Seriously, you will feel like you’re spoiling yourself, but for $10, even I don’t feel guilty and I feel guilty if I buy myself a Coke without a coupon.  Go for it! You deserve it! Sign up here.


Site Update


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I was trying to update a page this afternoon while babies were sleeping, but it appears I broke  I may have fallen asleep and hit something on the keyboard, but whatever happened, I don’t like it.  Unfortunately I can’t change it back, so pardon my mess while I try on different themes until I find one I can live with.  The most popular pages here are “Win Big!” and “Couponing 101”, so I’ll try to make sure those stay visible during the transition.  Sometimes I really wish I was tech savvy…now is one of those times!


The Web’s Best FREE Stuff


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If you know me or follow my posts, you know how much I love FREE stuff.  When I hear someone say something about “no free lunch” or “you can’t get something for nothing”, I cringe a little.  Um…. yes, you CAN get something for nothing, and it’s awesome! Here are a few of my favorite sites:

Influenster: This is one of the best out there.  Connect your social media profiles, answer questions, earn “badges”, and receive a #Voxbox filled with products to try out and review.  I have loved every box I’ve received. They almost always contain full sized products and it’s usually a wide variety.  See my latest SuperMom Voxbox below.

SuperMom Voxbox from Influenster

SuperMom Voxbox from Influenster

House Party: I love HouseParty! It is what it sounds like.  You sign up, apply to host a party for companies, and if you’re selected, you’ll get a box filled with FREE products and party favors.  You just host a party, invite friends and family, give out the samples/coupons/favors/whatever, and post a group photo on the HouseParty website afterward.  I’ve hosted parties for Hasbro, Wii, Budweiser, Littlest Pet Shop, Nerf, Keurig, Johnsonville, and so much more! You can also apply to their Chatterbox program, which is more like influenster in that no party is necessary. Just try out and review the products.

Crowdtap: Crowdtap represents dozens of brands.  Answer questions, apply to sample products, post reviews, and more! I’ve sampled dresses and jeans from Old Navy, detergents, facial cleansers and lotions, makeup, medicine, and more.  You can also get rewarded for earning points (by reviewing, answering questions, etc.).  The program has changed since I first joined, so I’m actually a little rusty on how the rewards system works, but I’m sure it’s still fabulous.

PinchMe: This site releases new samples on Tuesdays. Just order the ones you want, and if they’re still available, your box will be shipped to you in 2-4 weeks. Try the products and complete a survey afterward letting them know what you think about the products. Check out my latest PinchMe box!

PinchMe sample box

PinchMe sample box

Bing Rewards: Earn points for searching on Bing (or even clicking on the homepage headlines or photo info).  You can redeem your points for rewards like gift cards and free movie tickets (my fave) or for sweepstakes entries and/or donations.  I prefer Bing anyway, so this one is super easy for me!

My Coke Rewards: This one isn’t exactly free, but if you (or a friend) buys Coke products, you can enter codes for points that you can redeem for awesome free stuff. I’ve gotten gift cards, movie tickets, amusement park tickets, a set of bowls, electronics, and more from My Coke Rewards. Again, not totally free since someone has to purchase the products for the codes, but once you enter the codes, there is no charge to redeem your points (no shipping charges either). Just read the fine print on the offers. I got the $20 off flowers one and it was total junk. With shipping and fees, I still ended up paying more than I would’ve at the local florist. But, most offers are totally free!

Vocalpoint: Check out this program from Vocalpoint for P&G.  Participate in the community, connect your social media, and answer questions to qualify for samples and sweepstakes!

BzzAgent: Try products for FREE in exchange for your honest opinion! There is a wide variety of participating brands, and the community is really helpful if you need info on nearly any product.

Sample Source: This one is very similar to PINCHme. It’s totally FREE and completely awesome! Sign up, complete your profile, and order samples.  It really is that easy. I qualified for 9 samples this month. They are first come, first served, so be sure to get in early on sample days



If you use a sampling site that you love, please head over to my facebook page and let me know about it!



Apply to Host a Generation Good Healthy Baby Home Party!


Head over to Seventh Generation and apply to host a Healthy Baby Home Party!

What is a Healthy Baby Home Party?

Seventh Generation’s home parties are powered by people like you who are focused on creating a healthy environment for the next generation. Developed with input from non-profit partner, Healthy Child Healthy World, they are a great way to get together with friends, share helpful information, and make an impact!

Healthy Baby Home Party kits are provided to all selected hosts and are filled with educational info about our environment, helpful tips, a fun game, and samples and coupons from Seventh Generation and other favorite family-friendly brands like bobble, American Meadows and Zarbee’s Naturals.

What is the Application Process?

  • Sign up at to join the Generation Good community, or log in if already a member.
  • Accept the Healthy Baby Home Party Application offer on your Generation Good dashboard and complete the application.
  • Applicants will be notified by mid-June if they have been selected to host a party, via an email to the email address assigned to their Generation Good member profile.
  • All selected applicants will then need to confirm their participation by accepting the Healthy Baby Home Party Mission in Generation Good and confirming their shipping address.
  • Hosting spots are open to US residents only at this time. Canadian parties are planned for later in 2016!
  • Full terms and conditions are available within Generation Good in the “Healthy Baby Home Party Application” offer.

I would love to hear from you if you’re selected to host!


Cancel Your “FREE” Magazines from Books-A-Million


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Cancel Fast & Easy!

Cancel your “Free” magazine subscriptions from Books-A-Million, Fast & Easy!


So, you were in a hurry at the BAM checkout and chose your 3 free magazines. Maybe the cashier told you how to cancel, maybe he didn’t.  Sometime later you look at your bank account and see a charge for $66, or $56, or $17.50, or worse. A week later there’s another, then another.  You forgot all about it and now you’ve misplaced that little brochure with the tiny print that tells you how to cancel.  Or, maybe it’s just me…

I searched entirely too long for the solution. I found lots of complaints, but the number was nearly impossible to find. So, here is the fastest and easiest way to cancel and get your money back. To speak to a human who, in my experience, won’t try to convince you to keep the magazines coming, call 1-877-373-6866. You just need to give them your name and address and they’ll take care of the rest! There are other numbers, but they all seem to lead to an impossible to navigate automated system.

Lesson learned!


Learn a new language for FREE!


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Communication is one of our most basic and most necessary life functions.  We communicate our needs, wants, emotions, our hopes and dreams.  Understanding each other is the key to making communication work, but understanding someone who speaks a different language can be difficult at best.  The American Sign Language University website, created by Dr. William Vicars offers hundreds of free lessons for learners and lesson plans for teachers.  Even if you don’t interact with someone who uses ASL daily, it’s an important language to learn.  I used simple signs with my son before he acquired spoken language to help him communicate his needs to me.  He was able to tell me he was hungry or thirsty or scared before he had the words to do so.  I used the book, Baby Signs, by Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwin. While the book was helpful (it has now been updated and comes with a cd), I absolutely love the ASLU site and the lessons Dr. Bill has created.  Check it out!




Want to win a billion dollars?


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Who wouldn’t want to win $1,000,000,000? It’s not likely to happen, but you know what I always say… You can’t win if you don’t play! So, if you’re feeling lucky, head on over to the Quicken Loans Billion $ Bracket Challenge and register now! Only the first 15,000,000 people to register will have a shot, so if you want a chance, better get your name in the hat now. If you are able to pick a perfect bracket, you will win $1,000,000,000! The odds of winning the billion dollar grand prize are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 which is so astronomical, I can’t even say it in words. However, the twenty entrants with the most points will win $100,000 each.

I don’t even watch basketball, but I’m going for it! YOU CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T PLAY!



Just a note, you do have to sign up for a yahoo account if you don’t already have one.  I don’t really like that part, but it’s not like you have to use it. Also, please throw a little my way if you win! 🙂

Be sure to head over to the Win Big page to try your luck at over 100 daily entry sweepstakes, instant win games and contests for a chance to win other great prizes! Your chances are definitely better with the ones on that list!


10 Easy Ways to Save Money


save money

The cost of living has increased dramatically over the last several years.  Just 10 years ago, we balked when the price of gas hit a record high of $1.73 per gallon.  Let’s face it, we will never see gas below $2.50 again. As a matter of fact, on the very rare occasions it dips below $3.00, even by a penny, drivers line up at the pumps. Unfortunately, gas is not the only thing we’re paying more for. Higher prices at the pump, the grocery store, the pharmacy and on our monthly bills makes saving money seem nearly impossible.

There are some easy steps you can take to save money and boost your budget.  Saving money on things like gas, groceries, and monthly bills can make a huge difference! Saving just $100 a month will add over $1,000 to your wallet in a year.  Whether you’re saving for Christmas, a vacation, or a lifetime supply of bubble bath, implementing just a few of these strategies will help you on your way!

  1. Use Less:  One of the easiest ways to save money is simply to use less.  From detergent to vitamins to water and electricity, every bit you cut back will save you money.  Try using 1/3 to even 1/2 less laundry detergent on regular loads. Your clothes will be just as clean and that jumbo bottle of detergent can last twice as long! You can also use less shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and mouthwash in the same way. Unless prescribed, most people can take vitamins or other supplements every other day and get the same benefit. We all know that cutting our electricity and water consumption is a good way to save and it’s really not as hard as it sounds.  Turn the lights off when you leave the room.  Adjust your thermostat by 2 degrees.  Cut 2 minutes off your shower. STOP pre-rinsing your dishes. Turn the water off when you brush your teeth or shave. You get it. Use less, save more.
  2. Eat at home:  Keep track of your food spending for one month. Keep every single receipt for every soda from the convenience store, every snack out of the machine (you’ll probably have to write your own receipt for that one), every coffee or coffee-like-drink in that super fancy paper cup, and every meal you get from somewhere other than your own kitchen.  It can be shocking. Make breakfast and dinner at home and pack your lunch. Save restaurant meals for special treats.  And, please, stop paying $5 for a cup of fancy coffee!
  3. Avoid convenience foods:  Just like eating at home, avoiding the convenience food trap can save you a ton…. okay, maybe a few bucks, but still. A package of 20 single serve bags of chips will cost you about $7.00 on average.  A larger bag of chips and a reusable container will go just as far and will cost less than half that. Frozen breakfast sandwiches? Make them yourself for a fraction of the price.  Don’t buy a package of 8 brownies packed with chemicals and preservatives when you can make 2 dozen yourself for less! Try making your own marshmallow crispy treats, frozen waffles, ready to eat bacon, tuna salad (or chicken, egg or potato salad). It’s easy, healthier and a lot cheaper!
  4. Ditch Cable:  This can be a hard one, but once you do it, you’ll be amazed at how much you love it! If you already have a device, like a game system or internet ready blu-ray player, check out streaming services like hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.  If you need a device, get a Roku playerand stream live shows and thousands of movies from free and low-priced streaming services.
  5. Shop around:  If you’re not quite ready to ditch cable, check out your options.  Call your own cable or satellite provider and let them know they’re about to be dumped. They’ll most likely offer discounts to keep you on the hook…just don’t sign any new contracts to get them.  Comparison shopping works for more than just cable.  Compare prices on everything! Whether you’re shopping for groceries, a cell phone, clothes or a new (to you) car, don’t accept the first price you see until you check it out somewhere else.
  6. Ditch the disposables:  We throw away thousands of dollars per year in disposable items….water bottles, paper towels, sandwich bags, paper cups….it goes on and on. Replace some of those things with reusables! You’ll save money and do a small part to help the environment.
  7. Make it yourself:  We’ve already covered meals at home, but think about how much money you spend on things like laundry detergent and other household cleaners.  Cut that in half or less when you make it yourself from common household items.  The best glass cleaner on the planet is vinegar (use crumpled newspaper to wipe…the results are incredible!). With the entire population of Pinterest jumping on the homemade bandwagon, you’ll find a recipe for anything you can think of! Try using conditioner to shave your legs….fabulous!
  8. Buy Used:   Most people know the value of buying cars and houses used, but this strategy can be applied to many more aspects of our daily lives. One of my favorite lunch break activities is to go to the local thrift store and browse the bookshelves.  I’ve found some real treasures there and never paid more than $2.  If you’re into labels, find a local resale or consignment shop.  You’ll find the labels you’re looking for with a price that makes much more cents (see what I did there? hehe).  Try looking for used furniture, appliances, clothes, tools and more!
  9. Freebies:   Companies really want you to try their products. Grab free samples anytime they’re available. Most samples come with high-value coupons, too! Be sure to like your favorite brands and companies on Facebook and follow on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Promotions, giveaways, exclusive coupons and freebies are almost always posted on social media first. And check out the list of freebies I’ve compiled! I’ve included a special section for Birthday Freebies that will blow your mind! Free food and gifts galore!
  10. Be a Quitter:  Addictions like smoking, drinking (whether alcohol or soda), recreational drugs, excess sugar and shopping can be expensive in addition to their obviously unhealthy affects.  I know this one is easier said than done, but you can do it! Find a support group, see a doctor, whatever it takes….just quit. Now.

Subscribe to All You


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All You has become my absolute favorite magazine. I initially subscribed for the coupons. All You is packed with so many high value coupons that it actually pays for itself every single month! You can always find freebies and giveaways, smart shopping tips and so much more. However, over the years I’ve come to love this magazine for the articles, the recipes, the tips and most of all, for the REAL women between the covers. All You is a magazine about real women written for real women. No plastic on these pages, ladies! Get it. You’ll love it!