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Subscription boxes are everywhere.  Fitness gear, dog food, underwear, makeup and more… if you’re into it, there’s likely a subscription box for it.  I have successfully ignored the trend for years because if I’m going to spend money, it will be for gas, groceries, bills, or to benefit someone else.  I just don’t spend money on myself other than an occasional trip to the book section at Goodwill.  I know I’m not alone here, mommies. Back me up.  We buy ourselves something, we inevitably feel guilty.  It’s time to change that, but just a little.

Ipsy offers a Glam Bag with 5 items for $10 a month.  That’s a cute bag (different designer and theme each month) and 5 deluxe samples chosen just for you for about what you’d pay for one drive thru meal.  The products are really good, too.  This ain’t no drug store bag.  We’re talking luxury brands, the expensive stuff, and there are discounts if you want to buy the full sized version!

You will fill out a short questionnaire when you join so that they can send you things that you’ll like.  You should also review your items (honestly) after you receive your bag to help them really get to know your preferences.  It doesn’t take long for your Glam Bag to be so perfect for you that it could’ve been chosen by your BFF.

I love getting my Glam Bag in the mail each month and trying out the products.  I’ve even found some must haves that I didn’t even know existed before ipsy.  Seriously, you will feel like you’re spoiling yourself, but for $10, even I don’t feel guilty and I feel guilty if I buy myself a Coke without a coupon.  Go for it! You deserve it! Sign up here.


10 Easy Ways to Save Money


save money

The cost of living has increased dramatically over the last several years.  Just 10 years ago, we balked when the price of gas hit a record high of $1.73 per gallon.  Let’s face it, we will never see gas below $2.50 again. As a matter of fact, on the very rare occasions it dips below $3.00, even by a penny, drivers line up at the pumps. Unfortunately, gas is not the only thing we’re paying more for. Higher prices at the pump, the grocery store, the pharmacy and on our monthly bills makes saving money seem nearly impossible.

There are some easy steps you can take to save money and boost your budget.  Saving money on things like gas, groceries, and monthly bills can make a huge difference! Saving just $100 a month will add over $1,000 to your wallet in a year.  Whether you’re saving for Christmas, a vacation, or a lifetime supply of bubble bath, implementing just a few of these strategies will help you on your way!

  1. Use Less:  One of the easiest ways to save money is simply to use less.  From detergent to vitamins to water and electricity, every bit you cut back will save you money.  Try using 1/3 to even 1/2 less laundry detergent on regular loads. Your clothes will be just as clean and that jumbo bottle of detergent can last twice as long! You can also use less shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and mouthwash in the same way. Unless prescribed, most people can take vitamins or other supplements every other day and get the same benefit. We all know that cutting our electricity and water consumption is a good way to save and it’s really not as hard as it sounds.  Turn the lights off when you leave the room.  Adjust your thermostat by 2 degrees.  Cut 2 minutes off your shower. STOP pre-rinsing your dishes. Turn the water off when you brush your teeth or shave. You get it. Use less, save more.
  2. Eat at home:  Keep track of your food spending for one month. Keep every single receipt for every soda from the convenience store, every snack out of the machine (you’ll probably have to write your own receipt for that one), every coffee or coffee-like-drink in that super fancy paper cup, and every meal you get from somewhere other than your own kitchen.  It can be shocking. Make breakfast and dinner at home and pack your lunch. Save restaurant meals for special treats.  And, please, stop paying $5 for a cup of fancy coffee!
  3. Avoid convenience foods:  Just like eating at home, avoiding the convenience food trap can save you a ton…. okay, maybe a few bucks, but still. A package of 20 single serve bags of chips will cost you about $7.00 on average.  A larger bag of chips and a reusable container will go just as far and will cost less than half that. Frozen breakfast sandwiches? Make them yourself for a fraction of the price.  Don’t buy a package of 8 brownies packed with chemicals and preservatives when you can make 2 dozen yourself for less! Try making your own marshmallow crispy treats, frozen waffles, ready to eat bacon, tuna salad (or chicken, egg or potato salad). It’s easy, healthier and a lot cheaper!
  4. Ditch Cable:  This can be a hard one, but once you do it, you’ll be amazed at how much you love it! If you already have a device, like a game system or internet ready blu-ray player, check out streaming services like hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.  If you need a device, get a Roku playerand stream live shows and thousands of movies from free and low-priced streaming services.
  5. Shop around:  If you’re not quite ready to ditch cable, check out your options.  Call your own cable or satellite provider and let them know they’re about to be dumped. They’ll most likely offer discounts to keep you on the hook…just don’t sign any new contracts to get them.  Comparison shopping works for more than just cable.  Compare prices on everything! Whether you’re shopping for groceries, a cell phone, clothes or a new (to you) car, don’t accept the first price you see until you check it out somewhere else.
  6. Ditch the disposables:  We throw away thousands of dollars per year in disposable items….water bottles, paper towels, sandwich bags, paper cups….it goes on and on. Replace some of those things with reusables! You’ll save money and do a small part to help the environment.
  7. Make it yourself:  We’ve already covered meals at home, but think about how much money you spend on things like laundry detergent and other household cleaners.  Cut that in half or less when you make it yourself from common household items.  The best glass cleaner on the planet is vinegar (use crumpled newspaper to wipe…the results are incredible!). With the entire population of Pinterest jumping on the homemade bandwagon, you’ll find a recipe for anything you can think of! Try using conditioner to shave your legs….fabulous!
  8. Buy Used:   Most people know the value of buying cars and houses used, but this strategy can be applied to many more aspects of our daily lives. One of my favorite lunch break activities is to go to the local thrift store and browse the bookshelves.  I’ve found some real treasures there and never paid more than $2.  If you’re into labels, find a local resale or consignment shop.  You’ll find the labels you’re looking for with a price that makes much more cents (see what I did there? hehe).  Try looking for used furniture, appliances, clothes, tools and more!
  9. Freebies:   Companies really want you to try their products. Grab free samples anytime they’re available. Most samples come with high-value coupons, too! Be sure to like your favorite brands and companies on Facebook and follow on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Promotions, giveaways, exclusive coupons and freebies are almost always posted on social media first. And check out the list of freebies I’ve compiled! I’ve included a special section for Birthday Freebies that will blow your mind! Free food and gifts galore!
  10. Be a Quitter:  Addictions like smoking, drinking (whether alcohol or soda), recreational drugs, excess sugar and shopping can be expensive in addition to their obviously unhealthy affects.  I know this one is easier said than done, but you can do it! Find a support group, see a doctor, whatever it takes….just quit. Now.

Start Couponing Now!


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Anytime is a good time to learn to save money.  If one of your resolutions for 2014 is to trim your budget, couponing is an easy way to do just that! Extreme Couponing, as seen on that awful TLC show, isn’t realistic.  That version looks a lot more like hoarding, stealing, and just plain crazy.  Real couponing isn’t like that. The stores featured on the show bent their rules for the cameras.  No store in the country is going to let you walk out with 300 bottles of mustard. The good news is, you can walk out with three or four…and let’s face it, who really needs 300 bottles of mustard?

Get started on your real-life couponing journey now! Just check out my coupon tips page for my method. I’ve saved my family literally thousands of dollars over the years. If I can do it, you can do it!



Black Friday Prices from Home! Shop online all weekend!


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I’m not a Black Friday girl. I used to be, but I’ve found that the prices usually aren’t spectacular enough to lure me out of my warm comfy bed before the sun comes up. And most of the time, the sales that start on Black Friday actually last at least two days, if not four. This year, it’s even better! Most stores are offering Black Friday prices online! Big online discounts are not just for “Cyber Monday” anymore!

Check out these deals:

  • Amazon.com

Black Friday Deals All Week on Amazon!

  • Crocs.com

Buy One Sale Item on 11/24, Get One Free at Crocs.com! Valid on all Sale items Only.

  • Build-A-Bear Workshop

20% off all pre-made gifts. Use code 96964. Valid 11/24/11 only.

Gingerbread boy and girl now only $5 each. Originally $14 each. Plus add their signature outfits for only $5 each. Valid 11/24 – 11/25 only.

  • Vera Bradley

Black Friday Deals: Large Duffel for $49.99, Weekender for $59.99 and Vera for $39.99! Valid 11/24-11/27/2011

  • Walmart.com

Today only! Shop Walmart’s Thanksgiving Day Online Specials!

  • Game Stop

Asus Transformer Prime® Tablet customized with 6 free games now available at GameStop.com

Save $80 on the Acer A100® Tablet, now only $249.99 at GameStop.com

Save $30 on the Asus Transformer® Tablet at GameStop.com

Buy any 2 pre-owned games get 1 free at GameStop.com


These are just a few of the deals you can take advantage of starting today. Several more deals will go live at midnight. Come back for that list at 12:01!



Big Discounts on Costumes!


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If you’re like me, you still don’t have your family’s costumes. I can’t take all the blame in my house. My son has changed his mind several times! We had no luck at the store, so I made him go online this morning to shop. We’ve found a few options with lower prices than in the stores and fast shipping! He’s decided on Deadpool, and I’m about to order it so he can’t change his mind again 😉


Right now you can get fabulous discounts on all things Halloween including costumes, candy, decor, and more at The Halloween Shop on Amazon.
Most items qualify for FREE 2 day shipping for Amazon Prime members. You can get Amazon Prime FREE when you sign up for Amazon Student or Amazon Mom!


Get costumes for the entire family! Through today, take 20% off with the coupon code at the top of the page. Click the banner below to get started!


Costume Express:

Get costumes for everyone with low prices and fast shipping. Use the coupon code at the top of the page to get an extra 20% off your total!




IGA Deals with Coupon Matchups 10/5-10/11


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Here are the deals and coupon matchups for IGA for the week of Wednesday, 10/5/11 through Tuesday, 10/11/11.  These prices are valid at the Benton, TN location, please check with your local store before heading out. Also, if you are shopping at the Benton location, be sure to check your receipt before leaving the store. Chances are, you were overcharged for something!

This week’s web coupon is IGA Chunk Light Tuna in Water, 5 oz., 4/$1


*Idaho Potatoes, 8lb bag, $2.50

*Yellow Onions, 3 lb. bag, $1.19

*Red or Green Bell Peppers, $0.69/ea.

*Roma Tomatoes, $0.99/lb.

*Bartlett Pears, $0.79/lb.

*Mushrooms, whole or sliced, 8 oz. pkg, $1.45

*River Ranch Salad Blends, 10-12 oz. bag, $1.88

*Gala Apples, $1.49

*Celery, Dole, $1.19

*Whole Carrots, 2 lb. bag, $1.19


*If you purchase Star Ranch Angus beef products this week, clip the entry form on the front flap of this week’s flyer for a FREE cooler. See form for details*

The first few meat items are all Star Ranch Angus (which I eventually start referring to as SRA). Use this printable coupon for -$2 off a $10 purchase!

*Whole Boneless sirloin tips, Star Ranch Angus, $2.99/lb.

*Whole Boneless Eye of Round, Star Ranch Angus, $2.99/lb.

*Boneless Ribeye Steaks, Star Ranch Angus, $5.99/lb.

*Boneless Chuck Roast, Star Ranch Angus, $2.59/lb.

*T-Bone Steaks, Star Ranch Angus, $5.99/lb.

*Ground Chuck, fam. pk., $1.99/lb.

*Ground Bison, Great Range Brand, $9.99/lb.

*Bison Patties, Great Range, $10.99/lb.

*Boneless Sirloin Tip Steaks, Star Ranch Angus, $3.49/lb.

*Boneless Chuck Steaks, Star Ranch Angus, $2.99/lb.

*Eye of Round, Star Ranch Angus, $3.79/lb.

*Boneless Sirloin Tip Roast, SRA, $3.49/lb.

*Lean Beef Stew Meat, SRA, $3.49/lb.

*Fresh Ground Chuck Patties, $2.89/lb.

*Yellow Ribbon Chicken Breast, boneless, skinless, frozen, 3lb. bag, $5.49

*Pork Tenderloins, $4.99/lb.

*FYI: There are several Hormel Always Tender Pork tenderloins with a use by date of 10/7 that are marked down to $1.99/lb. Use: -$1 off Hormel Always Tender product printable

*Pork Back Ribs, $4.49/lb.

*Bologna, Fischer’s or Field, 1 lb., $1.25

-.50/1 Fischer’s hot dogs or bologna, SS 8/28

-.50/1 Field hot dogs or bologna, SS 8/28

*Weiners, Fischer’s or Field, 1 lb., $1.50 (Use coupons above)

*Nathan’s Beef Franks, 14-16 oz., $3.99

-$1 off Nathan’s hot dogs, sausage, cocktail franks or smokies (Facebook) printable

*Bacon, Fischer’s or Field, 12 oz., $2.99

*George Jones Roll Sausage, 1 lb., $2.50

*Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage, 13-16 oz., $2.99

*George Jones Sausage Biscuits, 21 oz., $4.29

*Bar-S Smoked Sausage, 2.5 lb., $3.29


**There is a coupon on this week’s flyer (inside front flap) for $4 off when you buy 8 participating General Mills Products. Includes Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Hamburger Helper, Pillsbury Refrigerated breads, Totino’s Pizza or Pizza Rolls, Chex Mix, Bugles, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Toaster Strudel, and Green Giant Frozen boxed veggies.**

*Campbell’s Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup, 10.75 oz., $0.50

-.40/4 Campbell’s Chicken Noodle or Tomato soup, SS 9/11 or 10/2

-$1/5 Campbell’s condensed soup, excl Great for Cooking printable

*IGA Saltine Crackers, 16 oz., $1

*Pepsi Products, 12 pk cans, $3.33

*Frito-Lay Dips, 8.5-9oz., $2

*Cheetos & Fritos XL Snacks, 9.75-10.5 oz., $2

-$1/2 Cheetos or Fritos snacks, 8.5 oz +, Moments to Save insert 10/02

*Hamburger, Chicken, or Tuna Helper, asstd, $1

-.75/3 Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper meals, SS 10/02

*Betty Crocker Specialty Instant Potatoes, 4.5-6.6 oz., $1.25

-.50/2 Betty Crocker boxed potatoes, excl Buds and pouch, SS 10/02

-.60/2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potates printable (makes it $0.95)

*Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Cocoa Puffs, 12-14 oz, $2.50

-$1.10/2 General Mills Cheerios Cereals printable

-$1/3 General Mills select cereals, SS 10/02

*Bugles or Chex Mix, 7.5-8.75 oz., $2

-.60/1 Bugles Corn Snacks, 5 oz + printable

-.60/1 Chex MIx or Chex 100 Calorie Snack, 4.5 oz + printable

-.50/2 General Mills Chex Mix Reg or 100 Cal snack, 4.5 oz +, SS 10/02

*Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 4.5-8 oz., $2

-.50/2 Betty Crocker fruit shapes, by the foot, gushers or roll-ups, SS 9/11

*Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese or Shells & Cheese, $2.29

*Kraft Homestyle Dinners (Mac&Cheese), $2.69

*Faygo Soft Drinks, 12 pack cans, $2.50

*Bush’s Beans, 15-16 oz., asstd., $0.69

*Gatorade, 8 pack, 20 oz., $5

*Athena Water, 24 pk, 16.9 oz. bottles, $3.99

*Jiffy Corn Muffin or Pizza Crust Mix, $0.50

*Maxwell House Wake Up roast, 34.5 oz., $6.99

*Coffee-Mate Creamer, 35.3 oz. powder, $5.29

*McCormick Chili Seasoning, 1.25 oz pouch, $0.99

*Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Dinners, 12.86-15.66 oz., $2

*Hershey’s Candy Bars, 6 pack, $3.50

-$1 off Hershey’s milk chocolate (Facebook), 6 bar pk printable

*Dolly Madison Snacks, $1.50

*Welch’s Grape Juice, 64 oz., $3.99

-$1 Welch’s Grape Juice, 64 oz or 10oz 6pk, SS 9/25

-.75/1 Welch’s grape juice or blend 64 oz or juice 10 oz 6 pk printable

*Nabisco Snack Crackers, 7-10 oz., asstd., $3

-$1 off Nabisco Wheat Thins flavored crackers (Facebook) printable

*Hunt’s Ketchup, 35 oz., $2

Fridge & Frozen

*Bob Evans Side dishes, 12-24 oz., $2.99

-$1 off Bob Evans Refrigerated side dish printable

*Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, asstd., $1.25

-.40/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! or Grands! Jr. Biscuits printable

-.30/2 Pillsbury Grands refrigerated biscuits, SS 10/02

*Pillsbury Crescent or Sweet Rolls, 8 ct., $2

-.50/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls printable

-.40/2 Pillsbury Reg or Grands sweet rolls, SS 10/02

*Tropicana Orange Juice, 59 oz or 6pk 8 oz., $2.50

-$1/2 off Tropicana Trop50, 59 oz, Moments to Save insert 10/02

*Hot Pockets, 6.5-9 oz., asstd., $1.50

-$1/3 Hot Pockets product, 7.5 oz + printable

*Breyers Ice Cream, 48 oz., $3.29

*North Star Sundae Cups, 6 ct., $2.50

*Blue Bell Ice Cream, 1 pint, $1.25

*Yoplait Yogurt, 4-6 oz., $0.60

-.60/8 Yoplait Yogurt Cups printable

*Crystal Farms Shredded or Chunk Cheese, 8 oz., $2

*Kraft American Cheese Singles, 16 oz., $3

*Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz., $1.50

*Banquet Fruit or Pot Pies, 7 oz., $0.69

*Pepperidge Farm Layer Cakes, $3

*Green Giant boil-in-bag veggies, 9-10 oz., $1.25

-.60/3 Green Giant frozen boxed vegetables, SS 10/02

*Totino’s Party Pizza, asstd., $1.25

-$1/4 Totino’s Crisp Crust Party Pizza Products printable

-$1.10/4 Totino’s Crisp Crust Party Pizza printable

-$1/5 Totino’s Crisp Crust Party Pizza, SS 10/02

*Blue Bonnet Spread, 45 oz., $3

*Banquet Family Size Entrees, 24-30 oz., $2.69

*Banquet Frozen Chicken, $3.99

-$1.50 off Banquet chicken, 24 oz+, SS 9/18

*Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza, asstd, $2.50

*Aunt Jemima Waffles or Entrees, $1.50

-$1 off Aunt Jemima frozen pancakes (Facebook) printable (if included)

*Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 7.5 oz., $1.25

-.40/2 Totino’s Pizza Rolls printable

*Pillsbury Frozen Grands! Biscuits, asstd., $2.50

Household, etc.

*Bounty Basic Paper Towels, 6 rolls, $5.49

*Charmin, 9 large rolls, $4.50

-.25/1 Charmin product, PG 10/02

*Era Liquid detergent, 50 oz., $2.50

*Dixie Napkins, 160 ct., $1.67

*Bayer Aspirin, 20-24 ct., $3.49

-$1 off Bayer Aspirin product, RP 9/11

*Crest toothpaste, 6.4 oz., $1.99

-.50/1 Crest toothpaste 4 oz + or liquid gel, PG 10/02

*Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner, 12.6 oz., $3.99

-$1/2 Pantene product, excl trial size, PG 10/02

*Suave Lotion, 10 oz., $1.69

*Suave Deodorant, 2.6 oz., $1.79

*Degree Deodorant, 2.6-3 oz., $2.49


It’s a pretty decent week for IGA. Be sure to pick up a circular in the store to get the awesome $4 coupon for GM items and the mail-in entry for the FREE cooler from Star Ranch Angus.

If you see any other deals not listed, please leave a comment below!





IGA Deals with Coupon Matchups 9/21-9/27


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Here are the deals at IGA starting Wednesday, 9/21 and running through Tuesday, 9/27.  These prices are good at the Benton, TN location. Prices vary by location so be sure to check your local ad before heading out! If you see any other deals or coupons, please leave a comment below!

There aren’t many great deals this week, but there are a couple worth picking up. Get Visine for .59, Eggo waffles for $1.39, and Ortega taco seasoning for .19 this week.


*White Seedless Grapes, $0.99/lb.

*Butternut, Spaghetti, or Acorn Squash, $0.49/lb.

*Jumbo Bartlett Pears, $0.99/lb

*Michigan Apples, asstd, 3lb bag, $1.99

*Gala Apples, $1.49/lb.

*Pumpkins, XL Jack-O-Lantern, $4.99

*Indian Corn, decorative, 3ct., $2.99

*Mini Pumpkins or Ornamental Gourds, $1.29/lb.

*Pie Pumpkins, $1.99 ea.

*Green Cabbage, $0.39/lb.

*Dole celery, $0.99 ea.

*Russet Potatoes, 8 lb bag, $2.99

*Roma tomatoes, $0.88/lb.

*Sweet Potatoes, $0.59/lb.

*Cantaloupe, $1.79

*Yellow Onions, 2 lb. bag, $1.39

*Carrots, 2 lb. bag, $1.29

*Valencia Oranges, 4 lb. bag, $3.59


*Chicken Breast, Gold Kist Bone-In, $0.99/lb.

*Pork Chops, asstd., $1.79/lb.

*Pork Chops, bone-in center cut, $2.49/lb.

*Ground Beef, family pack, $1.99/lb.

*NY Strip steak, $5.99/lb.

*Top Round Steak or London Broil, Star Ranch, $3.49/lb.

*Pork Spare Ribs, $2.29/lb.

*Gwaltney Great Dogs or Bologna, 1lb. pkg., $1

*Gwaltney Sliced Bacon, 12 oz. pkg, $2.50

*Tennessee Pride Roll Sausage, 1 lb., $2.99

*Tennessee Pride Sausage Biscuits, 20 ct., $5.99

-$1 off Tennessee Pride breakfast sandwich product printable (sign in)

-$1 off Tennessee Pride breakfast sandwich product, RP 8/14 (exp 09/25)

*Butterball Turkey lunchmeat, 8-9 oz., asstd, $2.99

*Tyson Fully Cooked Entrees, 17 oz., $4.99

-$1/2 Tyson Heat ‘n Serve entree, (sign in) printable

*Kentucky Legend 1/4 sliced ham or 16 oz. ham steaks, $4.49/lb.

*Boneless Top Round Roast, $3.29/lb.

*Ground beef patties, $2.49/lb.

*Cube steak, $3.99/lb.


*Niagra Water, 24 pk., .5L, $2.50

*IGA Apple Juice, 64 oz., $1.50

*Pepsi products, 2L, $1.25

*Ruffles chips, 8.5-9 oz., all flavors, $2.50

*Golden Flake snacks, asstd., $1.50

*IGA Deluxe Mac & Cheese, 12-14 oz., $1.25

*IGA Spaghetti Sauce, 26 oz. jar, $1

*Kellogg’s Cereals, asstd., $2.50

-$1/3 Kellogg’s Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Honey Smacks or Frosted Flakes cereal, 8.7 oz +, RP 8/28

*Joan of Arc kidney or chili beans, 15.5 oz., $0.79

*Juicy Juice, 64 oz., asstd., $3

-.50/1 Nestle Juicy Juice product printable

*Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies, 13-15 oz., asstd, $3

*Crisco oil, 48 oz., asstd., $3.49

*IGA tomatoes or tomato sauce, 28-29 oz., $0.89

*Bush’s Best baked beans, 16 oz., asstd., $1.25

*Corn Meal, Martha White or White Lily, 5 lb. bag, $2.50

*Flour, Martha White, White Lily or Pillsbury, 5 lb. bag, $2.50

*Marzetti Salad dressing, 16 oz., asstd., $2

*IGA Spaghetti, 16 oz., $0.89

*Inn Maid noodles, 16 oz., asstd., $2

*Kraft Caramels, 14 oz., $2

*Honey Bunches of Oats, 13-14.5 oz., $3

*Cheese Nips, 12.5-13.5 oz., $1.67

*Kraft Pasta Salad, asstd, $1.50

*Ortega Taco Seasoning, 1.25 oz., $0.69

*Ortega Taco Sauce, 8 oz., $1.67

*Ortega Taco dinner kits, 18 ct., $3

-$1/2 Ortega product printable

-$1/2 Ortega taco shells or kits, September All You magazine

Use -$1/2 on the taco seasoning to get it for $0.19 each.

*Little Debbie Snack cakes, asstd., $1.25

*Pepsi products, 6 pk., 24 oz., $3

*Holsum Sof-Twist or 100% Whole Wheat bread, $1.50

*Holsum hamburger buns, 12 ct., $1.99


*Blue Bell ice cream, pint, all flavors, $1.25

*Mayfield mini ice cream sandwiches, 12 ct., $2.50

-$1/2 Mayfield ice cream novelties, Bi-Lo Gold Star Meats booklet

*Kahiki Egg Rolls, asstd, $2

*El Monterey Burritos or Chimichangas, 8 ct., $2.99

-.75/1 El Monterey Mexican snacks, SS 8/14

*Prarie Farms Ice Cream, 4 qt., $5.99

*Mayfield Classic Ice Cream, 56 oz., $2.50

*IGA Milk, 1/2 Gal., $1.33

*Apple Cider, 1/2 Gal., $1.99

*Pillsbury Biscuits, 4 pack cans, $1.67

-$1/2 Pillsbury Grands! or Grands! Jr. biscuits printable (sign up)

*Borden cheese singles or 8 oz chunk or shredded, $2

*Borden cheese sensations, asstd., $2.19

*Donald Duck orange juice, 59 oz., $2

*Kraft Velveeta Singles, 12 oz., $3

*Simply Mashed potatoes or mac & cheese, 20-24 oz., $2

*Coffee-Mate Creamer (liquid), 16 oz., asstd., $2.19

*Kraft Soft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz., asstd., $2

*Eggo Waffles or Pancakes, asstd., $1.89

-$1/2 Kellogg’s Eggos frozen product, 5.3 oz +, RP 8/07

*Jeno’s Pizza, asstd, $1.25

*Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza, asstd., $2.50

*Mr. Dell’s Hashbrowns, asstd, $2.69


*Tide Liquid Detergent, 100 oz., $10.99

-.50/1 Tide detergent or stain release, PG 8/28

*Pedigree Canned dog food, 13.2 oz, asstd. $0.89

-B1G1 Pedigree canned dog food, 13.2 or 22 oz max $1.25, RP 9/18 (makes it .49)

-B2G1 Pedigree+ Dog Food printable (makes it .60 each for 3)

*Barbasol Shaving Cream, 10 oz., $1.19

*Band-Aid Bandages, 10-80 ct, asstd, $2.69

-.50/1 Band-Aid adhesive bandage, SS 7/31

*Aim Toothpaste, asstd., $0.99

*Listerine mouthwash, 16.9 oz., $3.39

-$1 off Listerine mouthwash printable

-check your coupons. There are lots of Listerine coupons available, but most of them are for larger sizes than this.

*Zantac, 8-10 ct., $4.99

-$1.75 off Zantac product, October All You magazine

*Visine Eyedrops, .5 oz., asstd, $3.59

-$1 off Visine product, RP 8/28

-$3 off Visine .5 oz + or soothing wipes printable (makes it .59)


If you see anything else worth sharing, please leave a comment!


*HOT* Shaving Coupons: $5 off Razors, $1 off Gel, and MORE!


Posted on : 21-09-2011 | By : Trish | In : Coupon Matchups, Daily Deals

I am so excited to see these coupons! Well, I’m a little irritated by it, too. I just bought razors and refills last week. Grrrr. Oh, well.

My favorite razor is the Schick Quattro for Women. I absolutely love this razor and prefer it to all others. But, you can almost never find coupons for it. This $5 off coupon is rocking my world! If you can wait, try to save it up for a couple of weeks to see if Target will do a giftcard deal. Last week, I got a $5 giftcard for every 2 razors I bought. Click the links below to go straight to the coupon you want! After printing, hit the back button and print again!

$5.00 off one Quattro for Women Razor or Refill


$5.00 off one Quattro for Men Razor


$6.00 off two Schick Disposable Razors


$5.00 off any one Schick Intuition Refill 6 ct.


$5.00 off one Schick Hydro™ Razor


$1.00 off any one Schick Hydro™ or shave gel


$0.75 off one Edge or Skintimate shave gel

These are some of the best coupons I’ve seen in a long time! Print them now, as I’m sure they won’t last!


Maximize Your Savings: Tips to help you save even more!


Posted on : 08-09-2011 | By : Trish | In : Coupon Matchups, Daily Deals

Coupons are a fabulous way to save money on just about everything. There are more coupons in circulation now than there has ever been. But, there is more you can do to increase your savings when you shop.

We all have our favorite stores. Mine is Target. I’ve heard the debates on Wal-Mart vs. Target, and I stand firmly on the Target side. When Wal-Mart is cheaper, it’s usually only by a few cents. Wal-Mart has a ton of stuff, but when you really look at it, there isn’t much selection. They carry a few brands of every item, but very few. Target, on the other hand, has a much wider selection. They have very competitive, and quite often cheaper prices. And, Target is very coupon friendly. In Wal-Mart’s defense, they have recently become much more coupon friendly as well.

Okay, sorry for the detour. Here’s how I maximize my savings at Target and how you can do the same at your favorite stores.

  • Bring your own bags. At two of my favorite stores, Target and Bi-Lo, you get 5 cents for every bag you bring in. That’s usually no more than $0.50, but it’s just like having a secret coupon.
  • Walk the perimeter of the store. Wherever you shop, find the clearance section. At Target, the clearance merchandise is along the perimeter. Follow the walls, and you’ll find the savings. At Bi-Lo, they have purple tags on clearance items. All other tags are red, so it’s pretty easy to spot the purple ones as you shop. Find the clearance section or route and pay it a little visit each time you go.
  • Sign up for deals by email and/or text. Target sends me a text every month with fabulous in-store coupons. I was able to get free shorts last month with a $5 off coupon on my phone. The shorts were on clearance for $4.48, so just because I signed up for their texts, I got a great freebie! Bi-Lo emails great deals and e-coupons a couple of times every month.
  • Sign up for the loyalty card. Target doesn’t have a loyalty card, but most grocery stores do. Once you have your loyalty card, be sure to sign up for e-coupons from the store, or from sites like SavingStar or Cellfire. These coupons are loaded straight to your card. The savings comes off instantly when you scan your card at checkout.
  • Use coupons! One of my favorite things about Target….okay, maybe my very favorite thing, is their printable coupons. Target.com is my first stop when I’m looking for coupons. They usually have over 100 coupons available, with a combination of store and manufacturer coupons. You can use both types of coupon on a single item! Print out your Target coupons, find a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item, and really maximize your savings. My Bi-Lo also accepts competitor coupons, so I can use my Target coupons there as well.
  • One more tip that is geared specifically toward Target is to sign up for the Red Card. I am not one to encourage credit cards, but Target has a store debit card that is linked to your checking account. It is not a credit card, there is no bill, no interest, no payment. It’s just like using your own debit card. When you use the Red Card, you automatically save 5% off your total! Granted, 5% isn’t really that much, $5 off $100. But, just like the bags, it’s a boost. The Red Card is like having your own secret coupon.

So, this post turned into a shopper’s guide for Target, but these tips can be applied to your store as well. Find out all the little secret savings tips at your own favorite store. Do you get credit for bags? Where is the clearance merchandise? Is there an email or text list? What is the coupon policy?

Learn your store and maximize your savings!

Do you have a tip for saving more money? Please share!


August is almost over! Print your coupons now!


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I’m not sure how it happened, but tomorrow is the last day of August! You know what that means….coupons will be reset. Some will go away, some will be available to print again, and lots of new ones will show up! Now is the time to print the coupons you’ll use if you want them. Here are the links:


Coupon Network

Cellfire: Load coupons directly to your store card!


Be sure to stop by SmartSource and Target for great printables, too!  Target has become my favorite printable coupon site! They have store and manufacturer’s coupons, and you can use the store coupons at a store that accepts competitor coupons (like Bi-Lo).