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If you know me or follow my posts, you know how much I love FREE stuff.  When I hear someone say something about “no free lunch” or “you can’t get something for nothing”, I cringe a little.  Um…. yes, you CAN get something for nothing, and it’s awesome! Here are a few of my favorite sites:

Influenster: This is one of the best out there.  Connect your social media profiles, answer questions, earn “badges”, and receive a #Voxbox filled with products to try out and review.  I have loved every box I’ve received. They almost always contain full sized products and it’s usually a wide variety.  See my latest SuperMom Voxbox below.

SuperMom Voxbox from Influenster

SuperMom Voxbox from Influenster

House Party: I love HouseParty! It is what it sounds like.  You sign up, apply to host a party for companies, and if you’re selected, you’ll get a box filled with FREE products and party favors.  You just host a party, invite friends and family, give out the samples/coupons/favors/whatever, and post a group photo on the HouseParty website afterward.  I’ve hosted parties for Hasbro, Wii, Budweiser, Littlest Pet Shop, Nerf, Keurig, Johnsonville, and so much more! You can also apply to their Chatterbox program, which is more like influenster in that no party is necessary. Just try out and review the products.

Crowdtap: Crowdtap represents dozens of brands.  Answer questions, apply to sample products, post reviews, and more! I’ve sampled dresses and jeans from Old Navy, detergents, facial cleansers and lotions, makeup, medicine, and more.  You can also get rewarded for earning points (by reviewing, answering questions, etc.).  The program has changed since I first joined, so I’m actually a little rusty on how the rewards system works, but I’m sure it’s still fabulous.

PinchMe: This site releases new samples on Tuesdays. Just order the ones you want, and if they’re still available, your box will be shipped to you in 2-4 weeks. Try the products and complete a survey afterward letting them know what you think about the products. Check out my latest PinchMe box!

PinchMe sample box

PinchMe sample box

Bing Rewards: Earn points for searching on Bing (or even clicking on the homepage headlines or photo info).  You can redeem your points for rewards like gift cards and free movie tickets (my fave) or for sweepstakes entries and/or donations.  I prefer Bing anyway, so this one is super easy for me!

My Coke Rewards: This one isn’t exactly free, but if you (or a friend) buys Coke products, you can enter codes for points that you can redeem for awesome free stuff. I’ve gotten gift cards, movie tickets, amusement park tickets, a set of bowls, electronics, and more from My Coke Rewards. Again, not totally free since someone has to purchase the products for the codes, but once you enter the codes, there is no charge to redeem your points (no shipping charges either). Just read the fine print on the offers. I got the $20 off flowers one and it was total junk. With shipping and fees, I still ended up paying more than I would’ve at the local florist. But, most offers are totally free!

Vocalpoint: Check out this program from Vocalpoint for P&G.  Participate in the community, connect your social media, and answer questions to qualify for samples and sweepstakes!

BzzAgent: Try products for FREE in exchange for your honest opinion! There is a wide variety of participating brands, and the community is really helpful if you need info on nearly any product.

Sample Source: This one is very similar to PINCHme. It’s totally FREE and completely awesome! Sign up, complete your profile, and order samples.  It really is that easy. I qualified for 9 samples this month. They are first come, first served, so be sure to get in early on sample days



If you use a sampling site that you love, please head over to my facebook page and let me know about it!



FREE Old Navy Jeans and Girls’ Night Out!


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If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know how much I love Crowdtap. I’m pretty sure it’s the coolest community ever. Companies have access to thousands of consumers and consumers get to try out products and provide feedback.

After applying to every sample and share they’ve offered, I was finally chosen to participate! The product? Old Navy Jeans! Suddenly being rejected for tank tops didn’t feel so bad! The best part about being chosen to participate in a Crowdtap sample and share opportunity is that you get to snag a sample for yourself and share one with a friend. I knew immediately that I had a perfect excuse to spend some much needed girls’ time with my BFF, Lynn. We live about 15 miles apart, but with kids and work, we really don’t get to see eachother often.  We found a day that worked for both of us (which just happened to be opening weekend of The Help) and made a date.

The closest Old Navy store is about an hour from me, 40 minutes from Lynn. I picked her up and we headed out. I even found a cheesy 90’s hip hop CD for the ride (think Young MC, MC Hammer, and gulp…Vanilla Ice)! Both of us normally head straight for the kid’s and clearance sections when we go to Old Navy. Shopping for ourselves was a bit weird but oh, so nice! We have completely different body types. I have flat hips and no butt to speak of, while Lynn has perfect curves with some junk in the trunk. We both avoided flare, but otherwise our choices were completely different. Lynn tried on one pair (The Dreamer) and loved them immediately. I tried about six and still don’t totally love them. Let me rephrase that….I do love the jeans. They are amazingly soft and so very cute. What’s not so cute is my flat butt. The pockets are a bit too far apart and a little low (which would be perfect for someone with hips), and although the fit is “slim through the hip & thigh,” there is a little bit of empty space where the rest of my butt would be if I had one.

We took our jeans to the register, along with our FREE coupons. She got The Dreamer, I got The Diva. The cashier rang us up separately and neither of us paid a single penny. Man, that felt good!

From Old Navy, we went to dinner and then watched The Help. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are really missing an incredible movie. Of course, you should definitely read the book first. As always, the book is better than the movie. But, the movie follows the book pretty well and the characters are truly brought to life. We noticed as we entered the theater that we were quite possibly the youngest people in the theater. . . and we’re in our mid-thirties. There were a lot of older people watching this one. I was elbow-to-elbow with a man that had to be in his mid-seventies. At one point, he was sobbing. Precious!

We somehow managed to make it through the day with only one picture which won’t upload here for whatever reason. So, being the awesome friend she is, Lynn sent me one of her looking hot in her brand new FREE Old Navy jeans!

My bff in her brand new jeans!

Thanks, Old Navy and Crowdtap!





Are you Crowdtapping yet?


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Crowdtap is fabulous! You can earn money for yourself and your favorite charity while collaborating with top brands. You’ll answer questions and polls for points and cash. You’ll get invited to test products and host product parties for companies.

Right now, Old Navy is looking for people to host a Spring Accessories Party! They provide the FREE accessories, you and your friends provide feedback. It’s free to join, but is by invitation only. Click this link to sign up!