Yogurt: Love it or Hate it?


Posted on : 03-03-2011 | By : Trish | In : Food & Beverages, Product Reviews

Yogurt is one of those things that you either love or hate. I happen to love it. Not all yogurts are created equally, but maybe they should be. Yogurt is basically milk with cultures (bacteria) added. When you read the ingredients list of your yogurt, there should really be no more than 3 ingredients…milk, cultures, and fruit (or honey, or both). These yogurts are not the easiest to find and they’re certainly not the cheapest normally (if you use coupons, they’re sometimes FREE!). Yogurts like Yoplait and Breyer’s have lots of added ingredients. While they taste good and are cheaper, they’re not really the healthiest. I’m not saying those yogurts are bad for you, but when you can get one that’s real (cultured milk), why wouldn’t you?  My favorite regular yogurt is Stonyfield Farm. I get the 32 oz container and use it for a smoothie every morning. Go to their website to sign up for coupons. They also have a soy yogurt, but I found out in one bite that I am not a fan of soy yogurt. Ewww, nasty. I’m sure if you have a reason to use soy instead of dairy you get used to it, but thank goodness, I don’t have to.
In the last year or so, Greek yogurt has hit the shelves. It is a thicker yogurt with a much higher level of protein (and lower calcium). It’s a bit more “sour” than regular yogurt. It reminds me a little of sour cream…mostly in consistency, but also a little in taste. With that being said, I absolutely love it! I’m not sure what makes it so much more expensive, I guess it’s because greek yogurt is more labor intensive to make. I don’t really have a favorite brand of greek yogurt yet, although I do tend to go for Chobani most often (because it goes on sale more often and I had coupons). Again, I do avoid the Yoplait and Dannon just because of the unnecessary added ingredients.
If you’ve been wanting to try Greek Yogurt, right now you can get it FREE! Go to the Printables page, and use the coupons.com printer to print the $1 off 1 Athenos product. Athenos greek yogurt is $1 at Wal-Mart. So, get a free one and give it a try! Athenos is a little different. The container has 2 compartments, one with plain greek yogurt and one with the additive (fruit or honey). I got the honey one to try and loved it! I wish it was three times the size, but the honey mixed well (after lots of stirring) and it tasted great. Smooth, sweet, oh so yummy!
On a side note, if you can get plain yogurt and add your own local honey, you’ll boost your immunity! Eating local honey helps you fight local allergies 😉 Just don’t feed it to children under 2.