Keurig Brew Over Ice “House” Party & Review


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I spoiled myself with a Keurig earlier this year after falling in love with it at my sister’s house. You can read my original Keurig review here.  Not only does it brew the most amazing cup of coffee in about a minute, but it also brews fabulous iced beverages! You simply fill a cup with ice, pop in the specially made Brew Over Ice K-cup, select the 6 or 8 oz brew size, and enjoy your iced coffee or tea!

I’m a fan of Keurig and Brew Over Ice on facebook, and after interacting on the Brew Over Ice page several times, I got an invitation to host a house party for them! I love the product, so I immediately and very excitedly agreed and sent them my address. Just a couple of weeks later, they shipped me a brand new Keurig machine, 5 Brew Over Ice tumblers, and 5 sample packs of iced coffee and tea K-cups.

A house party would be great, but I work at a whitewater rafting company in the summer, and sometimes feel like I live there. So, after talking to my coworkers at Ocoee Outdoors, we decided to have our “house party” at work! Our office is outside and the weather in Southeast TN is HOT. Iced beverages at our fingertips? Yes, please!

I brought everything in this morning and got it all set up. I brought in some extra K-cups from home so that we could have hot coffee, too.  One of my coworkers, James, already has a Keurig at home, so he went straight for the coffee. He brewed a Rodeo Drive blend and went back for seconds. Rodeo Drive is a Wolfgang Puck brew. It has a smooth flavor and is a medium roast.

Even at 8:00 in the morning, it was already getting too hot for coffee, so we were soon ready to Brew Over Ice.  Courtney was excited to use the machine, but is a bit of a tea snob. She is very particular about her tea and wasn’t so sure she would like it. She started with a Southern Sweet Tea K-cup. She loved it! If Courtney likes it, it must be good. I also started off with Southern Sweet Tea, as did JT & Dawn. I’ve been a huge fan of it for months, but this was their first time trying it. Everyone loved it.  Brenda went out on a limb and tried the Sweet Raspberry Tea. She said it was a little bitter and not quite sweet enough. I happen to agree. It’s good, but if you like your sweet tea really sweet, this one is lacking in that department. When she switched over to Southern Sweet, she was just as thrilled as the rest of us.

None of us are really iced coffee fans, but we were having so much fun, we decided to try it. I had an iced Nantucket Blend by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. I drink my coffee black, but I’ve never seen anyone drink iced coffee black, so I added a shot of White Chocolate Mocha creamer. I didn’t like it. I just can’t stand to have anything other than coffee in my coffee. So, I tried an iced cup of French Vanilla with nothing added. It was much better that way. Dawn decided to try it too, so she chose to start with the Nantucket blend. Again, she’s not an iced coffee drinker and wasn’t thrilled with it (although she sure did drain the cup!).

Overall, we had a blast and everyone loved the Brew Over Ice K-cups! I somehow ended up only getting pictures of Courtney and one of her and Dawn enjoying their tea together. Check it out!

We’re all set up and ready!

Courtney chose Southern Sweet Tea (our favorite!)

Time to brew!

Dawn & Courtney enjoying some fresh brewed sweet tea! Cheers!

Thanks for the refreshment, Keurig & Brew Over Ice!



Keurig K-Cups on sale today at Amazon!


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I love Amazon! You can find just about anything, it’s easy to get free shipping, and their sales rock! Today, they have great discounts on a huge variety of K-Cups! Check it out here:
Friday K-Cups Sale

I am always in search of the lowest prices on K-Cups. If you find a great deal, please let me know!


HUGE 1-Day Sale on K-Cups!


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WooHoo! I love a good sale on K-Cups and there’s a really good one going on today! Get lots of varieties at 50 cents or even less per cup!

Check it out here:K-Cups Sale

I’m always looking for low prices on K-Cups. If you find them cheaper anywhere, please let me know!


Keurig Update


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It appears that my particular machine is completely posessed…although I’m starting to think my little Mr. Coffee may have sabotaged the Keurig while I was sleeping. I called customer service 3 days in a row. The first call led to a specialist who walked me through a couple of maintenance procedures which seemed to work….while we were on the phone, that is. The next morning, the little bugger refused to give me my coffee again. So, I called back and spoke with another specialist who walked me through another troubleshooting routine which, once again, worked while we were on the phone. The next morning, it took 20 minutes for me to finally give up on the piece of junk and use the old faithful Mr. Coffee.  The third call led to a brand new machine which should be on a Fed-Ex truck at this very moment.  I’m hoping the replacement machine is a nice, cooperative one and that it gives me my coffee when I want it. Otherwise, I will be sure it is my last. I’m one of those people who literally “roll outta bed, stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition….” I need coffee to function. I need coffee to be nice. I need the coffee to be ready when I get there. If the new machine can’t provide that, I don’t want it.
I’ll update again when the replacement arrives…well, after I’ve used it long enough to know if it’s going to work.


I love my Keurig!


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I’ve wanted a Keurig for a while, so when I came across a great sale price combined with coupon codes for 10% off and free shipping, I got one!

I got the B60, special edition. I’m not completely sure what that means, but it’s not the smallest or the largest. The B60 falls in the middle.  It offers 3 cup sizes…6oz, 80z, and 10oz. You can program on/off times and water temperature (between 187 & 192 degrees).

My favorite thing about the Keurig is the massive selection of K-cups! Coffees, teas, hot chocolate, oh my! I will be posting reviews of K-cups individually, but I can already tell you that my favorite brand is Timothy’s. Every Timothy’s brand K-cup I’ve tried so far has been wonderful. Smooth, full of flavor, no bitterness at all. Oh, so yummy! My least favorite, I’m sorry to say, is Newman’s Own. Because Newman’s is an organic company, I really wanted to like those…and I may like a different variety, but the one I tried (Special Blend) was just downright gross. Very bitter, almost to the point of sour. I love coffee and can drink it when it’s a day old and freezing, so for me to dump out a cup, it has to be bad. I dumped the Newman’s Own. But, I digress. These reviews will be posted separately.

Now, as a frugal shopper, it’s pretty hard to justify buying K-cups. They’re incredibly expensive if you drink more than one cup of coffee per day…which I do. I love coffee and can’t imagine a day without it. When I registered my new Keurig, I was able to get 2 free boxes of K-cups with the purchase of 2 boxes. When my current supply runs out, I will most likely stick with my very favorite, Community Coffee, brewed with the “My K-Cup” accessory (that I snagged for 20% off at Bed, Bath, & Beyond).

Everybody has an opinion, this one is just mine. Do more research, get more input, weigh the cost, and then decide. It was hard for me to let go of the money, but I do love my Keurig! I highly recommend it!

If you have a Keurig, please leave a comment so that others can get more input before they decide to buy!