Purex Crystals


Posted on : 03-03-2011 | By : Trish | In : Household Products, Product Reviews

Have you seen the new Purex Complete Crystals? It’s a completely new type of fabric softener that you put in with your laundry. It works for HE machines as well as top loaders. There is a $1/1 coupon available from Coupons.com now (unless the print limit has been reached), so now is a great time to try it. *Update: Go like the Purex facebook page for the coupon!

 The most surprising thing about the new crystals? It’s sugar! Yep, read the ingredients list…sugar is #1. It seems a little weird to be washing your clothes with sugar, but there you have it. 
I first saw Purex Crystals when I went to visit my sister. She raved about them. When I got back home and saw the coupon, I had to try! For some reason, my Target doesn’t carry this product yet, so I went to Wal-Mart…I avoid Wal-Mart as much as possible, so you know I really wanted to try this fabric softener. I got the lavender scented version and used it first on a load of towels. This stuff is amazing! I’m not sure if the towels were any softer than they would’ve been, but they sure did smell better! And they smelled fresh all week long! I love the scents! I actually haven’t used the tropical one yet because I only had 2 coupons…I got lavender and the blue one (sorry, I’m not sure what that one is called ;-). They’re both awesome! I’ve been looking for a product that really has lasting freshness. I’ve seen the commercials that promise it, but have never found a product that holds up. This one does. It’s completely different, totally weird, and absolutely worth it! Try it…but print the coupon first! Who’da thunk it? Putting sugar in your washing machine on purpose.